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Myron Suvorov
Myron Suvorov

EasyRoads3D V2.2.1: The Ultimate Guide to Building Roads and More in Unity

the easiest way to get up and running with a road network is to download the full version of easyroads3d. this includes a set of prefabs, textures and materials for your roads. to install, simply drag the prefabs into your project and drop them onto the terrain. the included prefabs will generate the road network and the road geometry, but you will need to build the roads using an appropriate material. the materials are included in the asset, but you can also download them separately. use the accompanying roadinfo.meta file to ensure you match the road width and road types to your needs. --update-- ive had a number of requests for a more detailed tutorial. while the asset does allow you to create a new road network, this tutorial will show you how to create one from scratch.

EasyRoads3D V2.2.1

support for the final state of v3.1 of easyroads3d for.obj and.glb files can be found here.this demo package is intended for advanced users to test their own workflows. it does not include a build, however, it has a scene included.

important:this easyroads3d pro demo package is complimentary to theeasyroads3d propackage also available here on the unity asset store. geteasyroads3d profirst and this demo package with additional side objects and road type examples will be afreedownloadthe package includes two scenes, the v3.1 scene and the v3.2+ scene. the first scene includes various highlighted areas with links totutorials on our websitedemonstrating how easyroads3d can be used. these tutorials cover the more advanced features of the easyroads3d package. the v3.2+ scene is work in progress with auto generated side objects introduced in v3.2.note that this package is intended for learning purposes to get familiar with the tool. the scenes are not optimized and does include various more complex objects targeting high-end machines. this package will be updated regularly with more content and tutorials. it is recommended to import it in a new project.




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