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Myron Suvorov
Myron Suvorov

Concise Mathematics Class 10.pdfl

So, students can now rely on this best study resource and build up their confidence in solving problems. The main objective to present these Selina publishers concise class 10 maths solutions of ICSE is to aid students in their performance and provide strong conceptual knowledge too. Students can now access the ICSE Selina Solutions Concise Mathematics Class 10 from the respective chapter links available below:

Concise Mathematics Class 10.pdfl

Let $w$ be a group-word. For a group $G$, let $G_w$ denote the set of all $w$-values in $G$ and let $w(G)$ denote the verbal subgroup of $G$ corresponding to $w$. The group $G$ is an $FC(w)$-group if the set of conjugates $x^G_w$ is finite for all $x\in G$. It is known that if $w$ is a concise word, then $G$ is an $FC(w)$-group if and only if $w(G)$ is $FC$-embedded in $G$, that is, the conjugacy class $x^w(G)$ is finite for all $x\in G$. There are examples showing that this is no longer true if $w$ is not concise. In the present paper, for an arbitrary word $w$, we show that if $G$ is an $FC(w)$-group, then the commutator subgroup $w(G)^\prime $ is $FC$-embedded in $G$. We also establish the analogous result for $BFC(w)$-groups, that is, groups in which the sets $x^G_w$ are boundedly finite.




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