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Myron Suvorov
Myron Suvorov

Metal Gear Rising Graphics Mod

The modified RAY's final design was later issued via the viral marketing site "Make it Right" by typing "Metal Gear RAY" onto the command key, where it popped up as a blueprint that was explained as being downloaded from Raiden's arm. A bit more than a week later, another, corrupted blueprint data of RAY's parts were also uploaded onto the site and accessible via keyword, this time by inputting into the command key "KA-120," based on someone's Codec ID on the Saga timeline portion of A corrupted blueprint depicting a cross-section of RAY's body was later uploaded onto the site via a similar method to the previous one. This time, the passcode was "Big Shell," with the Codec ID in question (KA-119) only acting as a hint as to where to look for it. There was also initially supposed to be a demo showcasing the beginning of the fight against RAY at E3 2012, but outside of a low-quality screenshot for RAY, the demo was cancelled for unknown reasons.

Metal Gear Rising Graphics Mod




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    Promise Love
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    Adhvika Gour
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