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Preparation before playing football in Football Matches

Football is a sport favored by many and practiced extensively. However, how to make the training process effective and what exercises with the football are efficient.

Exercise 1: Ball Shooting

Place the support leg horizontally with the ball about 20 cm away (Note: during training, place the support leg correctly, neither higher nor lower than the ball position).

Shooting motion: The support leg needs to be placed correctly and slightly bent. Then, slightly bend the body. When shooting, relax the foot until it starts to touch the ball, then stiffen the ankle.

When in contact with the football prediction for today matches correctly the body (in a bent position) also springs out according to the kicking rhythm.

Finally, whether the ball reaches the target or not depends on the point of contact between your foot and the ball from the beginning. The ball's height is determined by whether you place the support leg higher or lower than the ball's position.

Knees and feet

Training method: For professional players, they usually train with resistance bands or other exercises like weightlifting. For those who do not have the conditions, "hopping" is one of the effective exercises.

Exercise 2: Some Basic Techniques

In supercomputer football prediction there are three basic techniques: dribbling, passing, and shooting.

Dribbling: This is one of the important factors affecting the playing process of each player. Dribbling helps to stabilize the feet and gives a very good feeling to the foot. Usually, those who dribble well also control and predict the ball's bounce accurately.

Passing: Before starting a match, you should practice passing to get a feel for your foot. Besides, you also determine your shooting force because different grass surfaces, weather conditions affect your shooting force.

Dribble and Shoot: Dribbling the ball alone, you just need to focus on changing direction, making your foot more flexible. As for shooting practice, it's best to practice at a moderate distance, moving and shooting at the same time.

Exercise 3: Tapping

This is one of the classic moves in tight spaces when you can't dribble. "Tapping" is one of the essential techniques.

Execution: Dribble the ball sideways, accurately providing the defender with a tight angle, then quickly move into space. The player receiving the ball can pass immediately to the player who just moved or another player in a more open position.


The player "tapping" must pass accurately, easy to catch, and especially after "tapping," they need to move immediately. Importantly, the defenders need to have good support and technique.

Exercise 4: "Dứ" Technique

"Dứ" is a relatively high-level technique used by many football experts in the movement.

"Dứ" is essentially pretending to shoot, when facing a shot, even the toughest defenders have a natural defensive habit by raising their leg or turning their body or quickly rushing towards the player holding the ball. This is the opportunity to eliminate these players.

Execution: Lightly push the ball away from the opponent about 30-50cm and perform a shooting motion, as soon as the opponent reacts, quickly pull the ball one more time, making the opponent unable to react. It's simply a skill to change pace in football.

Exercise 5: Releasing the Ball

Releasing the ball is one of the difficult techniques because it includes up to 4 technical movements: catch, cover, control, release.

Most pickup football players nowadays are different from 4-5 years ago. Many defenders can control the ball well and lightly and accurately catch the ball.

However, catching the ball in a way that is suitable for the situation is not easy for anyone. According to football experts' observations, up to 95% of ball catchers use their non-dominant foot and use their dominant foot as a steady support. That helps them be more proactive in attacking.

Exercise 6: Ball Contesting

Regardless of any situation or position, you need to be able to contest the ball. While your team does not have possession, obviously your importance at this time is to regain possession.

There are many ways to regain possession, but the best way to gain the upper hand is to contest the ball.

Exercise 7: Ball Juggle

Ball juggling is one of the last resorts you need to know. Note: Only when necessary should this juggle be performed.

A ball juggle puts the defender lying on the field and temporarily unable to participate in the match. The special thing here is if you don't choose the right time, you may make some mistakes that could lead to a penalty when juggling the ball in the penalty area.

Step One

Juggling the ball from behind is currently prohibited in betting tips both teams to score

Therefore, you need to perform that juggle from the side and across the opponent's path.

If you are running towards your team's goal and the opponent is right in front of you, you need to block the opponent's path forward with your leg if not it will be considered a foul.

Step two

The farther your leg slides out from the opponent, the better. At the same time, try to push or hook the ball when you slide past.

Immediately after performing a ball juggle, whether the maneuver is successful or not, stand up as quickly as possible.




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