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Myron Suvorov
Myron Suvorov

The Last Dark Epub 16: The Ultimate Fantasy Adventure by Stephen Donaldson

Stephen Donaldson The Last Dark Epub 16: A Review

If you are a fan of epic fantasy novels, you might have heard of Stephen Donaldson's The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series. This is a saga that spans over four decades and ten books, following the adventures of Thomas Covenant, a leper who is transported to a magical world called The Land. There, he becomes a reluctant hero who must fight against the evil Lord Foul and his minions.

Stephen Donaldson The Last Dark Epub 16


The Last Dark is the final book in the series, published in 2013. It is also known as Epub 16, because it is the sixteenth ebook in the series that was released in digital format. In this book, Covenant and his allies face their ultimate challenge as they try to stop Lord Foul from destroying The Land and breaking the Arch of Time.

But is The Last Dark worth reading? How does it compare to the previous books in the series? And what can you expect from this epic conclusion? In this article, we will give you a comprehensive review of The Last Dark Epub 16, covering its summary, analysis, evaluation, and conclusion. We will also tell you what an epub is and why you should use it for reading ebooks. And finally, we will introduce you to Stephen Donaldson and his other works, as well as show you how to read The Last Dark Epub 16 on different devices.


The Last Dark picks up where the previous book, Against All Things Ending, left off. Covenant and his companions have just escaped from She Who Must Not Be Named, a powerful being who wants to use Covenant's wild magic for her own purposes. They are joined by Linden Avery, Covenant's lover and fellow wielder of wild magic, who has returned from the past with her son Jeremiah.

Together, they must find a way to stop Lord Foul from unleashing the Worm of the World's End, a monstrous creature that will devour everything in its path. To do so, they need to reach Mount Thunder, where Lord Foul's stronghold is located. Along the way, they face many dangers and enemies, such as skurj (giant worms), kresh (wolf-like creatures), croyel (flying beasts), and Ravers (evil spirits).

They also encounter allies and friends, such as the Giants (a race of seafaring warriors), the Haruchai (a race of warriors who serve Covenant), the Ramen (a race of nomads who tend the Ranyhyn (a race of intelligent horses)), and the Elohim (a race of powerful beings who guard the Earthpower). They also meet some of the old characters from the previous books, such as Berek Halfhand (the founder of The Land), Caer-Caveral (the Forestal of Andelain), and the Sandgorgon (a creature of stone and sand).

As they approach Mount Thunder, they realize that Lord Foul has a final trap for them. He has corrupted the Arch of Time, the source of all creation, and threatens to break it unless Covenant and Linden surrender their rings of power. If they do, Lord Foul will use their rings to unleash his ultimate evil. If they don't, the Worm will destroy everything. Covenant and Linden must make a choice that will determine the fate of The Land and themselves.


The Last Dark is a complex and rich book that explores many themes, symbols, and messages. Some of the main themes are:

  • The power of love: Covenant and Linden's love for each other and for Jeremiah is what drives them to fight against Lord Foul and his evil. Their love also helps them overcome their doubts, fears, and flaws. Their love is contrasted with Lord Foul's hatred, which consumes him and makes him want to destroy everything.

  • The responsibility of choice: Covenant and Linden have to make many difficult choices throughout the book, such as whether to use their wild magic or not, whether to trust their allies or not, and whether to sacrifice themselves or not. Their choices have consequences that affect not only themselves but also The Land and its people. They have to accept the responsibility of their choices and face the results.

  • The value of life: The book shows the beauty and diversity of life in The Land, from its landscapes and creatures to its cultures and histories. It also shows the horror and destruction of death, caused by Lord Foul and his minions. The book asks the question: what is life worth? And what is worth dying for?

Some of the main symbols are:

  • The rings of power: Covenant and Linden's rings are symbols of their wild magic, which is a form of Earthpower that can create or destroy anything. Their rings also represent their identity and destiny, as they are linked to their blood and their role as heroes. Their rings are coveted by Lord Foul, who wants to use them for his own evil purposes.

  • The Worm of the World's End: The Worm is a symbol of the apocalypse, the end of all things. It is a mindless force that consumes everything in its way. It is awakened by Lord Foul, who wants to use it as a weapon against The Land and the Arch of Time. It is also a symbol of the cycle of creation and destruction, as it is said that the Worm will eventually create a new world after destroying the old one.

  • The Arch of Time: The Arch is a symbol of the source of all creation, the origin of everything that exists. It is a structure that holds the fabric of reality together. It is threatened by Lord Foul, who wants to break it and unleash chaos and nothingness. It is also a symbol of the balance between order and disorder, as it maintains the harmony between the forces of good and evil.

Some of the main messages are:

  • Hope vs despair: The book shows how hope can inspire people to fight against evil and overcome adversity, even when the odds are against them. It also shows how despair can lead people to give up or join evil, even when there is still a chance for victory. The book encourages the readers to choose hope over despair, even in the darkest times.

  • Faith vs doubt: The book shows how faith can empower people to trust themselves and their allies, even when they face challenges and uncertainties. It also shows how doubt can weaken people's confidence and loyalty, even when they have evidence and reasons to believe. The book urges the readers to choose faith over doubt, even in the most difficult situations.

  • Freedom vs tyranny: The book shows how freedom can allow people to express themselves and pursue their dreams, even when they face obstacles and oppositions. It also shows how tyranny can oppress people's rights and aspirations, even when they have potential and talent. The book warns the readers to choose freedom over tyranny, even in the most tempting circumstances.


The Last Dark is a masterpiece of epic fantasy that concludes The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series in a satisfying and memorable way. It has many strengths that make it a great read for fans of the genre.


The Last Dark is a masterpiece of epic fantasy that concludes The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series in a satisfying and memorable way. It has many strengths that make it a great read for fans of the genre.

One strength is its plot, which is fast-paced, action-packed, and suspenseful. The book keeps the readers on the edge of their seats as they follow the heroes' journey to Mount Thunder and their final confrontation with Lord Foul. The book also has many twists and turns that surprise and shock the readers, such as the revelation of Jeremiah's true identity, the betrayal of one of the Elohim, and the fate of the Worm.

Another strength is its characters, who are complex, realistic, and relatable. The book shows the growth and development of Covenant and Linden, who overcome their personal struggles and become stronger and wiser. The book also shows the depth and diversity of their allies and enemies, who have their own personalities, motivations, and histories. The book makes the readers care about the characters and their fates, as they face danger, loss, and sacrifice.

A third strength is its worldbuilding, which is rich, detailed, and imaginative. The book immerses the readers in The Land, a world that is full of magic, wonder, and beauty. The book also introduces the readers to other realms and dimensions, such as Andelain (a place where the past and present coexist), Revelstone (a city built by ancient lore), and Foul's Creche (a place where evil is born). The book creates a vivid and vibrant picture of the world and its history.

However, the book also has some weaknesses that might affect its appeal to some readers.

One weakness is its length, which is over 600 pages long. The book might be too long for some readers who prefer shorter and simpler stories. The book might also be too dense and complicated for some readers who are not familiar with the previous books in the series or the fantasy genre in general. The book requires a lot of attention and concentration to follow its plot and understand its terms.

Another weakness is its style, which is formal, poetic, and archaic. The book uses a lot of complex words, sentences, and paragraphs that might be difficult or boring for some readers to read. The book also uses a lot of metaphors, symbols, and references that might be confusing or obscure for some readers to interpret. The book demands a high level of literacy and comprehension from its readers.

A third weakness is its tone, which is dark, grim, and tragic. The book depicts a lot of violence, death, and suffering that might be disturbing or depressing for some readers to witness. The book also expresses a lot of pessimism, cynicism, and nihilism that might be discouraging or upsetting for some readers to hear. The book challenges a lot of moral and ethical issues that might be controversial or uncomfortable for some readers to think about.


In conclusion, The Last Dark Epub 16 is a brilliant and powerful book that ends The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series with a bang. It is a book that will appeal to fans of epic fantasy who enjoy complex plots, realistic characters, and imaginative worlds. It is also a book that will challenge readers who are willing to face difficult questions about life, death, and everything in between.

If you are looking for a book that will take you on an epic adventure that will make you laugh, cry, think, and feel, then you should read The Last Dark Epub 16. It is a book that you will not regret reading.


Here are some frequently asked questions about The Last Dark Epub 16:

  • Q: Do I need to read the previous books in the series before reading this one?

  • A: It is highly recommended that you read the previous books in the series before reading this one. This is because this book is the culmination of a long and complex story that spans over four decades and ten books. You will miss a lot of important information and context if you skip the previous books.

  • Q: Where can I find The Last Dark Epub 16 online?

  • A: You can find The Last Dark Epub 16 online on various websites that offer ebooks for free or for a fee. Some examples are Amazon Kindle Store (, Barnes & Noble Nook Store (, and Google Play Books (

  • Q: How can I convert The Last Dark Epub 16 to other formats?

  • A: You can convert The Last Dark Epub 16 to other formats using online tools that offer file conversion services. Some examples are Online-Convert (, Zamzar (, and Convertio (

  • Q: What are some similar books to The Last Dark Epub 16?

  • A: Some similar books to The Last Dark Epub 16 are:

  • The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien: A classic epic fantasy series that follows the quest of a group of heroes to destroy a powerful ring and save the world from an evil lord.

  • The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson: A massive epic fantasy series that follows the prophecy of a chosen one who must fight against a dark force that threatens to destroy the world.

  • The Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson: A complex and ambitious epic fantasy series that follows the history and conflicts of various civilizations and races in a world of magic and gods.





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