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Patipan Chaiyabut
Patipan Chaiyabut

Mp Drone.d3dbsp

What is a D3DBSP file and how to open it?

A D3DBSP file is a map file used by Call of Duty first-person shooter games. It is based on the popular Binary Space Partitioning (BSP) format, but uses proprietary additions and encoding. A D3DBSP file may store terrain, buildings, textures, lighting, and other map features.

The D3DBSP file extension stands for Direct3D Binary Space Partitioning. Direct3D is a graphics API developed by Microsoft that is used by Call of Duty games to render 3D graphics. Binary Space Partitioning is a technique that divides a 3D space into smaller regions called nodes, which are then organized into a tree structure. This allows for faster rendering and collision detection, as well as efficient visibility culling.


To open a D3DBSP file, you need a compatible Call of Duty game installed on your computer. You can also use a third-party tool such as Lime or TomBMX's CoD4 Map Editor to view or edit the contents of a D3DBSP file. However, modifying a D3DBSP file may cause errors or crashes in the game, so make sure to backup the original file before making any changes.

One example of a D3DBSP file is mp_drone.d3dbsp, which is the map file for the Drone map in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The Drone map is set in a hidden drone facility in Myanmar, and features multiple levels and pathways for close-quarters combat.





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