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Myron Suvorov
Myron Suvorov

Zapfdingbatsitc Font

what i do find a bit strange about all these problems, is that after installing the fonts in the quark catalog the "uninstall" button is showing. quark uses these fonts without problems, so they are not marked as "un-installable" by the font installer. furthermore, quark can generate a glyph map of the fonts without a problem, so they are not "invalid" by the font installer.

zapfdingbatsitc font


sorry, i don't know what happened. could you give me a pointer to a free, or cheap, mac operating system that fits on a 800 mb hard disk?. i've recently moved back from linux to mac, because it seemed like a great combination of price and feature. the current version of mac os x 10.3, at a whopping 733 mb, makes me regret it.

because zapf dingbats is also the name for the new international (and most other) versions of zapf dingbats, if you copy or use zapfdingbatsitc from your zip archive into the fonts directory (or any place where you like), then your system will automatically use the new fonts.

once you have installed zapfdingbatsitc (or zapf fazit), just copy the fonts into your fonts directory to get access to your new zapf dingbats font, including the new zapfdingbatsitc font, and the old zapf fazit fonts.

regarding the zapf dingbats, it works pretty well, if you remove the underline from the zs, unless you want them over the capital letters. if so, then you need to remove the line and set a paragraph style that is set for underline=none. the real problem is that it isn't free, not the legitimate free version anyway. the most you get is the slight anachronism font, which is a mostly humorous looking font. i recommend you get the real font if you want a version that is free.




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